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MSI x86 V1.0.0 Missing Update Evaluation

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Dec 2, 2014 at 7:20 AM
Hi Roger and Team,

I support SCCM 2012 (10,000+ clients) and have done so since SMS 2003. I love the client centre tools.

The Client Center for CM MSI x86 V1.0.0 tool is missing the Update Evaluation feature. I work around this by using SCCM Client Center where I can Apply Updates (the old classic way). Because I use a 32-bit OS PC at work I can only use the x86 tool (yes I know this Update Evaluation feature exists and works in x64 version). It would be nice to drop the prior tool altogether and work from one tool.

(On that topic, no more classic WMIRepair in the new tool... how does the new tool fix those issues i still use the old tool for ? (WMIRepair.log rocks!))

So how do I get Client Center for CM for x86 to have the Update Evaluation feature?
  1. Are you going to implement this?
  2. What are my workaround options?
  3. Anything else you can suggest? (I'm trying to lead the other global admins too and made myself a login here so I can contact you).
Thanks heaps,

PS. When I donate to remove the message, what will I see once the message is removed ? The normal agent settings fields and buttons at the ready? So how do I donate?
Dec 2, 2014 at 10:41 AM
I do not have a X86 machine around me, so cannot test... but it's strange because it's the same code as x64 just another msi (.exe is the same !, you can take the files from an x64 msi )...

Can you try the V1.0.1.3 from here: Center for Configuration Manager 2012_x86_v1.0.1.3.msi

Donators will see the "Agent Settings" Pane after Startup... And you will be able to use the Add-Ons from the "Tools" Menu...
Note: The Name of the donator will be visible in the Header... If you want to have your Company Name, just make a generous donation.
To donate, click the donatin button on the start Screen of the tool or go diretly to:

Also check the "Customize Client Center Installation" doc from
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Dec 3, 2014 at 4:12 AM
Thanks Roger that's awesome once again!

Even though I had x86, it had no updater function. Also, i just realised my donate button is dead and is a grey square box under the donation note (checked against colleague's PC), hence my donation question. Appreciate those answers too.

I took the exe from x64 ( and replaced my x86 ( exe and the sizes were different, so the launch crashed. Forget that idea for diff versions at least.

So, I downloaded the x86 (removed and installed it. It is working with Update Evaluation button. Also, now the destination folder for x86 and x64 are closely matching in filenames where prior they weren't.

Donation coming shortly from a working button. ;-)

Have a good day. I appreciate the targetted and speedy response.