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Example Screenshot:

Start the Click-Once Version from:
*) replace 'localhost' with the name of your target computername


- Enable and Configure WinRM (Command: winrm quickconfig). Check out : "Installation and Configuration for Windows Remote Management" for more informations.
- Test if you can connect the target computer with powershell remoting (Open Powershell and enter:
Enter-PSSession computername)
- You must have local Admin rights on the target systems.

-Windows Management Framework 4.0 (PowerShell 4) is required since Version 1.0.2!

-.NET Framework 4.5 is required since Version!


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slkissinger Mar 1, 2013 at 10:49 PM 
How to Configure the Browser version (instead of using the internet click-once):

slkissinger Sep 17, 2012 at 8:15 PM 
In my lab (your mileage may vary) I setup a GPO to enable winrm.

the GPO consists of these settings.

1. In Policies
Computer Configuration \
Policies \
Windows Settings \
Security Settings \
System Services
"Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)"
Enabled, set to automatic (Security was not edited)

2. In Policies
Computer configuration \
Policies \
Windows SEttings \
Security Settings \
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security \
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Inbound Rules
"Windows Remote Management (HTTP-In) Port 5985
- Enabled, Action is Allow the Connection.
- All programs that meet the specified conditions
- Users and computers (left this blank; it's my lab)
- Protocols and Ports: TCP, local specific Port 5985. Remote port all Ports
- Scope (left this at any ip; it's my lab)
- Advanced (left at all profiles; it's my lab)

2a. Also, create another rule; from Inbound Rules create,
and select "predefined" then select "Windows Remote Management"

3. In the Administration Templates:
Computer Configuration \
Administrative Templates \
Windows Components \
Windows Remote Management (WinRM) \
WinRM Service

"Allow automatic configuration of listeners"
Enabled, IPv4 filter is *, IPv6 filter is *